Dr. Amena Hamad Al-Fayyad

Nationality: Syrian

Professional Experience:

– Ajman Specialty Hospital (2018 – Present)
– Sheikh Khalifa Hospital – Ajman (1997 – 2016)
– Khorfakkan Hospital
– Dr. Dabbous Clinic – Sharjah
– Central Hospital and Elderly Care Home – Damascus, Syria


– Post-operative rehabilitation after joint replacement surgeries (knee, hip, shoulder)
– Treatment of neck and back pain, spinal injuries, and disc conditions
– Management of heel spurs and plantar fasciitis
– Rehabilitation for hemiplegia, facial nerve palsy, and erbs palsy
– Treatment of cerebral palsy
– Sports injuries
– Rehabilitation after fracture stabilization
– Prenatal and postnatal exercises
– Treatment of pelvic floor muscle weakness and urinary incontinence in women
– Elderly and geriatric care


– Over 30 years in the field of physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

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